Plank Road Quilt Guild

Member - Quilting Consortium of NYS
September, October, November, 2016

Elected Officers
President-- Betsy DeFazio    652-3255                                                                                              Treasurer--  Marilyn Sees    652-4548       
VP/Prgm Chair--  Mary Ellen Pettit    699-6950                                                                           Recording Sec'ys-- Carol Gerow- Guild Mtg.  652-5681
                                    Juli Bliven- Board Mtg.    243-7506       
Corresp. Sec’y-- Pat Dickman    303-4243     

Appointed Officers
Historian--  Mary Ellen Pettit    699-6950                                                                                             Comm. Service -- Deb Libera   652-8765
                                 Linda Bender    676-1009       
Librarian --  Sandra Landers    678-5039                                                                                                         Consortium Reps-- Linda Lupole   427-2929
                                      Marilyn Sees    652-4548       
Membership Chairs-- Shirley Maryniak   652-1639
                                          Joyce Marko     676-4468                                                                           Newsletter Editor-- Joan Carroll    668-9773
Newsletter e-Mailing-- Joan Carroll  668-9773                                                                             Sunshine Chair--  Linda LoBello    458-3352                                                                                             Web Site Chair--  Mary Ellen Pettit    699-6950       
Scholarship Chair--  Beth Head    695-6620                                                                                                     Hostess Chair-- Joan Carroll    668-9773     

Meeting Schedule:
Business Meetings are held on the second Wednesday of each month at 9:30 AM at the Cicero United Methodist Church, 8416 North Main St., Cicero, NY 13039.  Friendship Meetings are held on the fourth Wednesday at 9:30 AM.  Guests are welcome at meetings for a fee of $2.00 per meeting, or $5.00 when there is a guest speaker.

Copyright Policy:  Plank Road Quilt Guild respects copyright laws in all Guild sponsored
programs and activities.  We encourage our members to abide by copyright laws in their personal endeavors.

Meeting Cancellation Policy: The Guild meeting is cancelled if the Cicero/North Syracuse schools are closed due to inclement weather.

Cell Phone Policy: We request that you turn your cell phone off or set it to vibrate during our meetings.  If you need to speak on your cell phone, please leave the meeting room and take the call in the hall away from the doors.

Meeting and Program Schedule - Mary Ellen Pettit
First of all, let me say thank you to Laura Griffis for bringing us some fun and interesting programs in the last two years.

September 14 - (Wed.) - Business Meeting.  Juli Bliven will be introducing our plans for a New Year’s Resolution Challenge (see write-up below for details).  Also, Mary Ellen will be taking pictures to add to our photo album.

September 28 - (Wed.) - Friendship Meeting.

October 12 - (Wed.) - Business Meeting.  Program questionnaire day: We’ll be presenting information on possible future programs and everyone will get a chance to tell us what they really want to see and learn.  We’ll have a computer there too, so if anyone wants help figuring out how to get their email, print the Newsletter, google wonderful quilting information, etc., we will try to help.

October 26 - (Wed.) - Friendship Meeting. Doll Day! Bring some scissors, thread and needle and turning tools. We'll be cutting the doll bodies, stuffing them and dressing them in their hospital gowns for Golisano Children's Hospital.

November 9 - (Wed.) - Business Meeting.  Mandy Applebee will present a lecture entitled “Quilt Whisperer”.  Mandy is from Yellow House Quilts and will talk about the process she uses to choose quilting designs.

November 10 - (Thurs.) - Mandy Applebee workshop: Mandy will be giving two workshops on machine quilting on a domestic machine, “Machine Quilting Straight Lines” and “Circles and Curves”.  We’ll be using feed dogs for the first class and free motion designs for the second.  Mandy believes in positive learning.  Check out her philosophy at Yellow House Quilts.  The fee for both classes is $70 (checks should be payable to Plank Road Quilt Guild), which should be given to Mary Ellen.  Supply lists will be available when you sign up for the class.  There is an option to take just one of the classes for $35; however, if the class fills up priority will be given to people who choose both classes.  The two workshops run from 10:00 to 12:45 and 1:45 to 4:30, respectively.

November 23 - (Wed.) - No Friendship Meeting.  Happy Thanksgiving.

December 6 - (Tues.) - Plank Road is hosting the Quilters Consortium of NYS Meeting:  10:30 - 3:00.  Times are approximate and guests arrive as early at 9:00 for coffee and conversation.  Co-Hostesses: Juli Bliven and Sandy Landers.  See below for a complete description of this event.

December 14 - (Wed.) - Business Meeting.  Christmas Party: we are looking for a chairperson.  Bring your place setting, beverage, coffee cup and a dish to pass.

December 28 - (Wed.) - No Friendship Meeting.  Happy Holidays.

January 11 - (Wed.) - Business Meeting.  New Year’s Challenge.  Bring your UFO’s (even if they are in bits and peices) to the meeting for Show and Tell.

January 25 - (Wed.) - Friendship Meeting


Hear Ye! Hear Ye! New Year’s Resolutions Challenge… in September - Juli Bliven

YES, our Program Chair will launch the program in September so you can be ready to begin with enthusiasm in January.  As quilters, we usually have more than one project going at a time AND we are always facing deadlines! Some of us have been known to miss those deadlines and have given an IOU to the intended recipient of our creative gift! Or, we’ve missed submitting that large guilt to the Guild’s show because it seemed so far away and we just let time slip by. Well, our next show is in April 2018 which is really just around the corner. Sooooo, the Challenge is on! Sort through your UFO closet, organize your ideas, and set some goals.  Here’s the challenge which we hope will be fun and motivating to everyone.

New Year’s Resolutions Challenge Timeline and Guidelines:

1.September meeting: Challenge explained; members receive index cards on which to list each of their intended UFO’s or new projects; cards due to Program Chair at our January meeting.

2. Participants will declare a minimum of 3 projects with a maximum of 10. OR one huge project that can be divided into 3 phases or more.

3. Participants will share their finished projects at monthly Show and Tell.

4. The Guild  will contribute $50 toward the grand prize drawing for the winners who complete all their resolutions. 

5. Participants will pay $3 to participate (which well be added to the June grand drawing)  AND, players will pay $1 per resolution/project.  Player will declare one resolution per index card with $1 paper clipped to each index card. Our program chair will keep the index cards in a file box.  Upon completion of a resolution AND showing it at monthly Show and Tell, the
player will receive the $1 back.  Participants must turn in their $3 entry to play, AND each of her index cards of resolutions, each with $1 clipped to it before or at the January meeting. Please submit your cards and cash to Mary Ellen or Juli Bliven.  For Snowbirds who leave us for months at a time, they may show all their completed resolutions when they return. The end goal/deadline is the June, 2017 Picnic. Of course, we’d welcome updates and pictures emailed to Mary Ellen. She can share them at the meetings or on our website. Sharing completed resolutions helps to motivate us all!

6. Every time a member completes a resolution, she’ll receive $1 back AND have her name put into the grand drawing at the June picnic. The more you finish, the more chances you have to win! Players MUST have completed all their resolutions to be eligible for the final grand drawing.

7. THE GRAND PRIZE will be two drawings, each one for a GIFT CERTIFICATE to an area quilt shop. If the winning pot becomes extremely large, the program committee may elect to hold three drawings. This would be wonderful and reflect the multitude of participants.
*In fairness, no member may win more than one gift certificate. Should the same name be drawn more than once, a new name will be drawn.

HEY- we’ll all be WINNERS by finishing those projects. Don’t set losing resolutions! Forget about losing those five pounds or going to the gym. Well, you can do that too! 
Quilt, quilt, quilt and FINISH and be a WINNER! 
*Questions are welcome- talk to Mary Ellen Pettit or Juli Bliven.

 December 6th Quilters Consortium Meeting - Juli Bliven and Sandy Landers

The website: is helpful to understand what the Consortium is and why this is a wonderful opportunity for our Guild to host. We have two members who are our delegates: Linda Lupole and Arlene King but everyone is eligible, welcome and encouraged to attend. This is an excellent opportunity for you to see what the Consortium is all about and why our Guild belongs to this state-wide organization.

Sandy and I are asking for the help of all our members in making this a fun and successful event. We’d like our members to be involved in the following ways:
- donating baked goods.
- coming early to set-up, staying to take down and clean up.
-making name tag stockings (125 needed).  For instructions, go to our Web Site, click on Community Service and scroll down to “Simple Patchwork Ornament or Pin”.
- making a wreath centerpiece (12-14 needed).
- participating in Show and Tell at lunch time.
- donating ½ yard of new, quilt shop quality fabric, or two FQ’s, or a charm packet to a grand raffle basket made by the entire guild for our benefit.
- donating to or creating a raffle basket made by a neighborhood group or a group you form. Any and all themes welcome. Our guild benefits from these raffles.

Sign up lists are available at Sept-Nov. meetings. We thank you for your anticipated participation! 
Questions? Juli (243 7506) 
                 Sandy (678-5039)

2018 Quilt Show News

Save The Dates: Our 2018 Quilt Show will be on Friday and Saturday, April 27th and 28th with set-up on Thursday, April 26th.  We need a chairperson for the show.  This is not a difficult job and several members have already volunteered to chair the more time-consuming committees, namely, the Raffle Quilt, the Boutique,  Registration and Display, Publicity and Decorating.  So, please step up!!

Boutique - Sandy Landers 

We had an incredibly successful boutique in 2016 thanks to all of you who either donated and/or purchased items.  Thank you again.  And for more good news, I have volunteered again for the next show.  I can’t guarantee the same outcome but will do my best.

I am accepting donations already, can’t start too soon!  Time to look at your stash and sewing stuff if you are feeling overwhelmed by the stuff you may have crammed into your sewing space and have a need to purge!  You’ll feel better, I promise, and you’ll have room to buy new stuff!

There is no need to measure yardage.  Feel free to iron it but it’s not necessary.  I will even take scraps for the pool; that worked well.  Yarn is good along with other types of fabric besides quilting fabric.  Magazines, books and patterns are good.  Please, no quilt frames or racks–they don’t sell–I couldn’t even give them away.  UFO’s?  They sold well as did kits.  We even sold a sewing machine.  I donated several quilt tops that sold.  Notions did well, if you have unneeded knitting needles or crochet hooks (and related notions) why not donate them?  Trims, zippers, thread...need I say more?  I can also use shopping bags.

Community Service - Deb Libera

Please click on Community Service on our Web Site to see descriptions of the projects Plank Road supports.

Please give all completed projects to Deb Libera and she will give them to the person designated for collection and delivery.

Alzheimer Quilts -  At our August 10th meeting, Mary Husted passed around a small quilt with many tactile features to keep the fingers of Alzheimer patients busy.  The suggested size is 16" X 30".  Many textured fabrics were used.  Buttons with buttonholes, zippers and Velcro might be added.  If you are interested in pursuing such a project, see Mary Husted.

Francis House Quilts - Joan Carroll
 On August 24th we delivered 12 quilts to Francis House for their annual fundraiser, “There’s No Place Like Home”.  These quilts were made by Juli Bliven, Margaret Bowman, Joan Carroll,  Mary Helen Foster, Alpha Fountain, Gail Karn, Sandra Landers, Ann Patch, Mary Ellen Pettit,  Carol Seaver, Susan Swift and June Weber.  By my calculation, these quilts are worth close to $10,000.  We have made quilts for most of the Francis House beds and this is the third time we have supported their fundraiser–we do this every other year and, hopefully, will do it again in 2018.  Francis House is very appreciative of our support.

Hostess Schedule - Joan Carroll

    September      Beth Head
    October    Sandy Landers
    November    Margaret Bowman
    December    Mary-Helen Foster

Block of the Month - Linda Lupole

For September and October, pick up your block of the month instructions from Susan Monroe as Linda Lupole is away.
Library News - Sandra Landers

Anyone having suggestions for additions to our library, please let Sandy know.  Sandy periodically weeks out the books that are never used.

Sunshine News - Linda LoBello

Please let Linda know if a member is in the hospital overnight so she can get them a gift of fabric.

Corresponding Secretary News -Pat Dickman 

If  someone is not in the hospital , but is ill or could use some comfort in the form of a card,  please let Pat know.                                                                           

Quilt Shop News - Joan Carroll

If you become aware of any new quilt shops, please let me know and I’ll publish their names and locations.  It is always a good idea to call these shops before visiting them to make sure of their hours.

I have mentioned the web site before but never put it in the Newsletter.  They have good sales and  the best prices I have seen for pre-cuts; shipping is now a flat $1.95.

Betsy DeFazio submitted the following shop:    

    The Quilter’s Daughter
    2817 State Rt. 246 (GPS address is Perry Center Road)
    Perry Center, NY 14530
    Owner: Claudia
    Joyce Marko submitted the following shops:

    Grandma’s Sewing Room @ Penny Lane
    22 Locust St.
    Waterloo, NY
    Fabric & Sew Much More
    38648 NYS Route 12 E
    Clayton, NY


Guild Logo Pins are available from the treasurer (Marilyn Sees) for $5.00.  Also, Marge Day has 4 old logo pins that say “Plank Road Quilters Guild” not “Plank Road Quilt Guild” for $4.00 each.

Next Newsletter Deadline: November, 30, 2016