2016 Picnic

We couldn't have asked for a better day, warm in the sun, blue skies, not too hot. wonderful company.

Alpha Fountain, one of our founding members, recently showed us a group of quilts that she made for charities last year. She calls them Kitchen Sink quilts, a term she got from "Traditional Quilter Magazine".  I googled kitchen sink quilts and came up with many different quilt patterns for using up scraps, but this particular block is about the easiest, quickest method to make a great charity quilt that I've seen, and it can be made into as complicated or simple a design as you can think up. Alpha has shown us quite a few variations right here. It's amazing how simple piecing and scraps can make many different and beautiful settings. Half square triangles are just about the most versatile quilt blocks ever invented.

This is one way to make these great guilt building blocks.
On a square piece of muslin, about 1 and 1/2 inches larger than the finished size block that you are looking for, place one strip on the center diagonal. Place another strip on top of it, right sides together and sew them.  Press them open, then place another strip on the last one and repeat on each side until the muslin square is covered. The muslin gives you a nice template to follow as you go along.  If you're brave, just sew the strips together without the muslin until you have a square about the size that you want. Square the block by placing a ruler with a 45 degree diagonal line on the block with the diagonal running along the middle seam line, with two ruler edges within the block corner. Cut one side and the top, turn the block around and trim the other two sides.  See figure 1.