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January 9 - Business Meeting – We had a great time playing strip poker.

January 23 – Friendship Meeting

February 13 – Business Meeting – Valentine Social chaired by Betsy DeFazio and Carol Gerow – Betsy and Carol will share more information at the January Strip Poker meeting.  They suggest that you keep your warm winter duds on as they are planning some heart-warming events. If you are a new member, Mary Ellen will be taking photographs to add to our photo album.

February 27 – Friendship Meeting

March 13 – Business Meeting – Suzanne Moulton will give us a presentation on copyright and how it applies to our quilting endeavors.  She will explain how copyright affects use of our Guild library, fundraising from our quilts, selling our quilts, teaching classes based on copyrighted material and other related topics.

March 27 – Friendship Meeting

Coming Attractions:

In May, Sandy Landers will conduct a workshop on “made fabric”, based on the book 15 Minutes of Play by Victoria Findlay Wolfe.   Sandy will show us how to piece together scraps of fabric to make a new piece of fabric that can then be used in whatever way we wish to make a quilt block or an entire quilt.

In June, Sue Pritt will be here to do the lecture and workshop on scenic quilts and landscapes which was originally scheduled in November but had to be postponed due to weather.  If you were enrolled in the November workshop and are unable to take the June workshop, you will receive a refund of the class fee.

More and more Guild members are transitioning from traditional quilts to modern quilts.  The characteristics of a modern quilt are described later in this Newsletter. We are planning on having  a few workshops in the future that appeal to both traditional and modern quilters. In October, Heather Kojan will be teaching a workshop on a quilt that can be made to look traditional or modern bases on your selection of fabrics.

Stephanie McCall restoration lecture


June 2018 Gyleen Fitzgerald lecture

November 2017 John Kubiniec lecture


April 12, 2017  Cathleen Wiggs told some wonderful, and some true, stories of life in the Depression Era

May10, 2017--Karen Kay Buckley's lecture was wonderful as was her workshop.

Julie Burger's trunk show--2015